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Brar’s was purchased from the original owner with a goal to provide the highest quality products in the industry. With this purpose, Dial Pabla (the new owner in 1991) purchased a small takeaway restaurant that only served sweets and savories at the time. One change that immediately took effect under the guidance of the new owner was: no products (such as samosas), once prepared, were kept for sale the next day. Ironically, this was not a normal practice among industry competitors. Customers noticed the difference and the word spread. Brar’s started to revolutionize the Indian food business in Toronto, Canada; no more stale day-old left-overs.

A little more then a decade later, this philosophy would yet again prove to be successful with customers as he applied the same methods to the Indian restaurant/buffet category. He insisted that no leftover food should be served the next day, no matter the cost. Again the public took notice and reacted positively, making Brar’s a household name in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

Today that same philosophy of keeping things fresh, innovative, and authentic has lead the company to create products that our customers lovingly accept into their own recipes (and homes). Whether it be a natural protein source (Malai Paneer), a better source of cooking oil (Ghee), or simply a beautiful environment (restaurant), our dedication towards making great products, preserving our tradition, and passing it responsibly to our young ones is an undying objective.
FUTURE: As we duly move forward, our tireless efforts to make great food products for future generations will forever be our beacon of inspiration.


Simply put, we're a company that cares.
Although we're primarily a food company, our responsibility to make the world a better place extends far beyond the food we produce; from the people we work with (our employees, vendors, and partners) to the world we live in the environment).


Give the world good food and information.

Food Culture of India

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